I applied to the Peace Corps roughly six months ago and as soon as I found myself in a flat share with my closest mates, a job that pays well and is considered an institution in London, and a group of people that I have built solid relationships with, I finally received an email in my inbox with my official invitation to serve.

I was accepted.


I had been waiting months for this answer and had partly given up on the idea of getting accepted that when I read the words congratulations…I was in shock.

I of course immediately sent a message, voice message, email, text, (surprised I did not use letters or pigeon carriers) to everyone I knew that had been waiting for a response with almost as much anticipation as I had these past few months.

Then, the sudden realisation that I was leaving the country in less than a month hit…

giphy (1).gif

I had a lot of tears to deal with from close friends but in my mind, I was not gone yet and before then I had a million things to do.

giphy (3).gif

Where to begin…? O.K., give notice to job and flat, get fingerprints taken, go to the doctor for a full checkup, go to the dentist, pack, sell bicycle, keep bicycle, sell bicycle, make my mind up about bicycle.

I was frazzled and now with only a couple weeks left, I have barely checked things off the list but I am calm…until I start panicking that is….

giphy (4).gif

…but for now, cool as a cucumber I am. I mean, end of September is far away, right? Kind of?



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