Two girls. Two states. A few thousand miles of driving. Three national parks. 10 days.

Having the reflex of looking in my non-existent side mirrors as I am walking because I drove over two thousand miles in 10 days. Eating fast-food as that is the only place open. Knowing how far down to put the window while driving so that any flatulence does not disturb the other passenger. Singing songs at the top of our lungs. Listening to a song over and over and over. Sitting in silence. Looking at the stars outside while driving through the desert. Peeing on the side of the road with only a cactus as cover. Looking at a map upside down for five minutes before turning it right side up. Pressing the lock button a hundred times when getting out of the vehicle. Sleeping in hostels, the car, a motel, an old converted school bus.

Oh, and this also happened…


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