Two Weeks

I have been in Ecuador for a little over two weeks now as a Peace Corps trainee and in between the hours of tedious training we have in our 9 hour days, I have learned a couple things about living here.

  1. Ecuadorians are tranquilo and will avoid conflict at all costs which means they will not say anything to upset you.
  2. Do not trust everything an Ecuadorian says (this refers back to number one).
  3. If you say you like a certain type of food to your host mom, be prepared to eat it every day.
  4. Vegetarianism is foreign.
  5. Do not make friends with the guinea pigs in your backyard as you will most likely eat them for dinner.
  6. Living on a 3 dollar a day salary is possible.
  7. Chevere means cool.
  8. All words have –cito at the end of them. Un pancito con mi cafecito por favorcito.
  9. Anything you do is everyones business.
  10. Men and women relationships can never be platonic.

That is it for now. I’ll be back soon with more news on how the pre-service training is going.


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