Goodbye Gothenburg

I had to admit, it was strange waking up and not meeting up with Adam. We had been glued to one another for the past few days that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself when I woke up. It was officially my last day in Gothenburg and I was finally going to spend it alone like I had originally intended for my entire trip…well, almost.


I ended up walking along the canal, taking pictures and soaking in the last few rays of sun before heading back to grey old London. I sent a picture to Hugo near the canal as a hint to where I was. Apparently, water, boat, and tree was not detailed enough as he took a while to get there. He then took me on his own tour of Gothenburg which involved sitting next to the famous fish market in the city and eating salad. (He was hungover and slowly recovering). We joked about how watching him eat salad was an event not to miss in the city. We talked and walked around until I eventually had to take my bus to the airport.


It was a relatively uneventful day and as I made my way through the airport, I thought about all the people I had met during my stay. I thought about the first night I met Adam. I thought about how two people in similar situations ended up finding each other and spending their entire trip together. Funny how that works. I thought about Hugo and all the people I met at Hops, my local bar. I thought about the conversations we had until 4 in the morning. I thought about how upon meeting him he seemed strangely familiar to me, like we had met before, (he said the same). Sometimes you meet people in completely different situations, in completely different parts of the world, but somehow you meet them again with a new face, in a new city, randomly (or not). I thought about Alex, the person who brought me to Gothenburg. I thought about whether or not I would see him again. Its rare to find true friendship in big cities, especially when its opposing genders but somehow we managed. I thought about how I was supposed to be on my own for the majority of this holiday and ended up never having time to myself. I thought about all these things which to me seemed like hours but in reality only lasted a few minutes.

Lastly, I thought about going home. I thought about how the next few weeks would be the last time I would call London “home”. Growing up, I named several cities, countries, continents home. Then I noticed that when I would move I would always think of home as the place where the person I was romantically involved with was. Eventually that changed and it became the place where I lived. It had taken me a couple years to finally think of London as home and I knew that as soon as I thought of it as that, I would want to move again. Now, here I was. A couple more weeks and I would go back to Paris and then to Houston, back where I started. I would go back to the diving board for a while before diving off again to another country, another city, another job…constantly moving until that one day comes where I don’t feel the need to move anymore. A time where the diving board no longer exists and all that is left is a pool I would finally grow roots in.



Last Day

I woke up sweating with the Swedish sun blazing in my eyes. My body ached as I rolled out of bed and into the shower. The day before had taken its toll and I hadn’t had the reparative sleep I was hoping for.

Regardless I managed to get clothes on and take the tram into the city to meet Adam. It was our last full day in Gothenburg and we had plans to make the most of it. We walked around and had coffee in the center and then walked along the canal for lunch near the market. We then continued on and hopped on a boat tour that was to take us through the canals to view the boat along the dock. There was a boat race that had just ended in Gothenburg and we were lucky enough to see them all lined up.


We then walked to the botanical gardens nearby and had a drink in the sun. I dozed off a bit as Adam walked around taking pictures.


By this time it was already 6 pm so we had dinner together and then walked back to Hops, our local pub, for a couple drinks with the people we had met during our stay. Hugo tried to get us to stay out until he closed but my feet were aching and Adam was going to wake up in four hours to take his flight back home. Instead, I made plans to met Hugo the following day for a tour of the city before hopping on my flight later on that night.


This was it. My trip was coming to and end though, now I thought of it as “our trip” for I had spent all my time roaming the streets with my new buddy Adam. We said our goodbyes and made plans to meet up before I left for Houston. Its funny how a trip alone turned out to be a trip were I met a new friend(s).
This wouldn’t be the last time I’d see Adam, that was certain.



I woke up with the Swedish sun blinding me. It was going to be a beautiful day. Adam was already up and about and asking me when and where to meet. I proposed we should go to Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. 

We met at the station and it took us about 15 minutes to find one another as there were multiple entrances. I hadn’t been to an amusement park and ages and apparently he had never been. I felt like a kid again walking around and waiting in line for all the rides. We weren’t going to leave until we tried them all. 

Luckily it was a beautiful day out and the lines weren’t too long as it was off  season and everyone was either back and work or at school. Also, Adam was just as much of a chatter box as I am so we had loads to talk about. We both found ourselves in a city we didn’t know at all and ended up finding each other. Funny how those things work out.


After a few amusing and terrifying…mainly terrifying rides we had a bit of food. As Gothenburg isn’t used to having tourists, everything was in Swedish so we tried our best to decode the menu. 

Vegetarian? No, no sausage. Vegetarian. Soy sausage? No meat? Ok, thanks. 

That’s pretty much how the conversation went. 

After lunch we went back on the rides, secretly hoping we wouldn’t see our lunch again in a pile of vomit on the floor. 

Six hours later we were knackered but decided to have a couple drinks and dinner at our now local. 

“Two Heineken?”

They already knew our order by heart now. 

“Yes, please.”

We ordered and received a mountain of food that neither him nor I could finish. We just looked at each other in despair. We were too tired to eat. Hugo, one of the bar backs came to meet up with us and could not believe how much food we had left. Quickly I diverted the conversation as I too felt ashamed. 

Adam left us and Hugo and I carried on. We talked about how he hitchhiked through Japan, Alan Watts, the countries I had traveled to, his desire to go to South America, the Nazca lines…we talked about everything and anything. To everyone else it would probably sound like rambling and yes, part of it was, but to me it was a night of conversation I wouldn’t forget. 

In the wee hours of the morning we parted ways and I went home to crash on the couch. Time for a bit of reparative sleep…zzzz

Getting Lost in Gothenburg

P1016242.jpgI was knackered and a bit hungover from the night we had roaming the streets of Gothenburg but I was determined to go sight seeing a bit instead of passing out in a park.

I walked along the canal and ended up in the city center. I desperately tried to find a charger but failed and managed to charge at a local coffee shop for a bit before heading down the canal and unto a tram to Brad’s place. He was not in until 5 so I walked further down the waterfront to a museum for lunch and coffee. The sun was shining down hard but the breeze from the water made it bearable. 

I started thinking about what I was going to do on my own for the next few days. I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know if there was much to do in the city. I had met a few people the night before but we all know how that goes…you make plans but then never hear from them again. (I would find out I was wrong and end up making memorable friendships.) I thought, “well this is what you wanted, to travel on your own.” 

I then walked back to Brad’s when he got home and chatted with him for a bit before making my way down to Hops, the local that I would become a local at during my stay in Gothenburg. Adam, the English man I met the night before and I had a couple of drinks and dinner there and made loose plans for hanging out during our stay (we ended up being glued together during our whole trip). We chatted a bit more to the locals (we all know how chatty I am) and then said our goodbyes (until tomorrow).

Not the most eventful day but at least tonight I would get to sleep on a couch and not the floor. Also, it is always nice to get away from the city of ants where we are all stacked up on top of each other. 

I had no plans for the following day apart from meeting Adam and Hugo at some point. I would just use the Laura method of waking up and figuring it out, going with the flow…it hasn’t failed me yet. 


It all started when a Swedish friend of mine who just recently moved back to Sweden from London called me a bit tipsy one night, asking me if we will ever see each other again. A few jokes later, mixed in with nostalgia and a glass of wine, I was purchasing tickets for Gothenburg (his hometown). I had always thought of going to Sweden and as I am moving back to Texas in less than a month now, I thought it was as good a time as any. Also, his birthday was coming up so I bought my ticket as part of my birthday gift…

Two weeks later he tells me he’ll be away during that time as his friends bought him a surprise ticket for Berlin. Opps. 

Now I thought as there was no way to get a refund, I was going to do something I had always wanted to do–travel on my own. It was not the trip I had intended but why skip out on a chance to go to a place I have never been to before? 

The only problem now was where was I going to crash? That’s when I thought of couchsurfing. I know a couple people who have done it before and say they had a lovely time staying with locals and getting to know a city in a completely different way than if they had been in a hostel. Having slept in hostels plenty of times I thought I could not only save the cash but also get to know people who live in the city and could give me their own private tour of places to go. 

I sent about ten requests and finally got a bite. I’m staying with Brad, 35, Candian or Australian (not sure which) and has over 20 positive reviews from other couch surfers he has hosted. I’ll admit it is a bit odd to think I’ll be staying with a complete stranger I met off the internet in a city I don’t know at all. It kind of feels like a prolonged blind date or at least what a blind date would be like as I have never been on one. 

This could end up being a horror story…but eh you only live once, right? 

Time to pack now. I’ll let you know how things progress once I get there…